For Startups

As a serial entrepreneur myself  I like working with startups.  I advise several startups, and I do TechStars mentoring.  I realize that most startups are running lean, so if you need help or feedback, get in touch and we’ll see if there is a way I can help. 

Pitch and Plan

You need a short crisp pitch deck and financial plan for your own use focused on 12-18 months of cash flow.  I have seen over a hundred pitch decks, and I have seen how angel investors react to them.  As an angel investor, I know what I would be looking for.  I can help you structure and tell your story and polish your deck and financial plan. I can help you anticipate the questions you’ll get and be ready for them, before you get in front potential angels, VCs, or partners.

Customer Experience Audit

You’re already live, and now you need traction.  You refine customer messaging, minimize customer experience hurdles, test marketing channels, apply Lean Startup methodologies to iterate and refine.  But you are close to your business and you understand your product intimately.  You need someone who does not understand your product or service to audit the customer experience.  Can I understand it in 20 seconds on your homepage?  Are the benefits clear? Is the pricing clear, assuming it is supposed to be clear?  Do I know what to expect before I am asked to engage? Is it obvious how to start?

I have seen many startups iterate on their offerings over time or even pivot their business models without clearly reflecting that change in their customer touch points, especially their website.  You are focused on product and service launches, closing key customers, hiring, and raising money.  It is hard to find the time to focus on the details of the customer experience and to step back for a comprehensive review.  This customer experience is critical for startups, because potential customers typically don’t know your brand.  Are you putting forth a professional image and building trust, or creating a poor impression with unclear copy, typos, and confusing interface options?  I have launched many customer facing products and services for Apple, AOL,, and a slew of startups.  I am a resource to provide a critical and detailed review of the customer experience with a fresh and objective perspective.


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